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Alumni Solutionaries in the General Category

ALUMNI SOLUTIONARIES Inspiring solutionaries is not a new concept to WPPS. Listed below are just a few “alumni solutionaries”, who have made a huge impact on the world. Chris Bertish (1987) has completed his


Vision and Mission Renewed in the General Category

VISION & MISSION RENEWED After much debate, and with the help and collaboration of the boys, staff and parents, we have a new vision and mission for WPPS. Our Vision We awaken potential, empower,


WPPS Closed in the General Category

WPPS Closed on Wednesday 7 June Due to the predicted storm. We based this decision on the directive issued by the WCED to all


Hilary Lown’s 80th Birthday Tea in the Blog, Current Events Category

Hilary Lown’s 80th Birthday Tea Hilary Lown’s, 80th birthday. Hilary taught at Wetpups for 33 years. Happy birthday


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