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Michael-KirstenIt gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Western Province Preparatory School’s centenary vision.

From humble beginnings in 1914 through two World Wars, profound political and economic change, twelve headmasters and many ups and downs, the school stands with great conviction, character and belief at the dawn of its next century. Reflection on our proud history highlights the traditions, passion for excellence and all-round diversity so ingrained in the DNA of our school. Our privileged legacy requires contemplation, and inspires an obligation to understand the true role of our school in the new South Africa. We hold fast to our belief of being an agent for change through the creation of diverse leaders, who enable lasting social transformation.

We are proud of our past – we are a Christian school focused on excellence, built around core traditions, with a passion to build true diversity within our community. With the strength of our history and our powerful belief in our future, we aim to harness the energy of our centenary and embark on a campaign that invigorates and recalibrates our school for the challenges of the next hundred years.

Our areas of focus are:

  • The Centenary Foundation Trust – Contributing to every aspect of the school’s future, the Centenary Fund will be a lasting resource that makes a difference across generations.
  • Scholarship Fund – An opportunity to mould our society’s future leaders, by providing opportunities for excellence to boys of diverse backgrounds and experiences. Through the establishment of a fund, we can generate a reliable ongoing source of income.
  • Infrastructure – As our society grows and changes, so too must our school, maintaining and enhancing its outstanding facilities, and expanding its grounds to accommodate exciting new developments.
  • Teachers’ Endowment – Recognising the immeasurable importance of our teachers, we intend to invest in their training, accommodation and retirement, ensuring that WPPS continues to attract the very best staff available.
  • Future Teachers’ Academy – A programme of mutual benefit to student teachers and to the school community, this academy will provide students with mentoring, classroom experience, and leadership opportunities.

We are humbled by our past, invigorated by the potential of our future, and excited by the firm foundation from which we step into our Centenary celebration.

WPPS Centenary Badge

Centenary logo

Early in 2011, we asked our children to depict what the school meant to them. It was an art project from the word go.
We collected over 100 illustrations. Evincing friendship, sport, culture, religion and much more,this badge is a culmination of their work, and we are proud to use this as our symbol for the schools centenary.

Long may it remind us of the love and learning which they receive at Western Province Preparatory School.

Centenary Videos

Centenary Foundation Trust Video

Centenary Picnic Video



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