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We live in an exciting phase of the school’s history and we would like to share our thoughts, ideas and aspirations with you.

Western Province Prep School has a proud record of educating leaders for the future. From the school’s modest facilities and humble origins, many of our Old Boys have used the WPPS foundation to become leaders in many different fields of endeavour, making a significant impact in their areas of expertise, and on the social and moral fabric of our country.

In the last few years, the school community and its Leadership Team have continued to refine the WPPS vision and purpose, and re-dedicated the school to building on its legacy and its strong traditional values.

South Africa is known to have vast differences between rich and poor which is reflected in having one of the highest Gini Coefficients in the world. In education, we need to be conscious of this fact and we need to address this reality so that all our children are given the opportunities to become the best they can be for our world. We at WPPS are committed. This document has been compiled so as to communicate our educational thinking in terms of the future of WPPS. We live in an exciting phase of the school’s history and we would like to share our thoughts, ideas and aspirations with you.

WPPS is viewed as a well-resourced school that serves an elite sector of our society. However, this position places a twofold responsibility on the school. Firstly we need to ensure that all the boys who pass through the school are equipped with the skills, attitude, values and the compassion to use their wonderful educational opportunities to give back to our society and bridge the enormous gap that exists between rich and poor.

The second responsibility is for the school to further develop and grow the transformational programmes it is already engaged in. These include our Scholarship Programme, Future Teacher Academy and Community Development Programme. In this way the school engages directly in addressing the educational problems of our country and attempts to find solutions for our problems of inequality.

Our vision at WPPS is “to awaken potential and to empower and inspire every boy to become a solutionary for our tomorrow.” This statement reflects an ongoing focus within the school. However, as a leading Independent School we care in these times, challenged to do more than just provide schooling for those who can afford it.

We are very proud of our current Scholarship Programme where the school educates eight boys (two in each Grade from Grade 4 to Grade 7). These boys come from disadvantaged backgrounds but have the potential to do very well in life. It is clear that they would not get the same educational opportunities if they remained in their community schools. Annual tuition fees, boarding fees and extras are paid for by the school and the Wetpups community and this total amounts to R1,36 million a year.

Our challenge in the future is to grow this programme to accomodate more boys from humble backgrounds and by providing them with a wonderful foundation for life, give them the opportunity to transform themselves and the community they come from. It is intended that all these boys should be provided for in terms of scholarships that are setup by foundations and private donors.

We currently have 12 student interns who are learning how to teach in our Future Teachers Academy. It is our aim to further develop this programme by adding more trainee teachers to the programme. By obtaining outside funding for this essential teacher training we will be able to ensure that the school is not burdened with the R1.7 million it currently pays annually for this service to the country.

We believe that through this Scholarship programme and the Teacher Academy as well as the Community Development programme, Wetpups will be doing a great deal to advance transformation in our country. Not only will our current boys be exposed to boys from a different socioeconomic group, they will also be exposed to the realities of our broken world and will be given ideas of how to compassionately attend to them and become part of the
solution. Furthermore, the boys in the scholarship programme will have a huge opportunity to uplift and change their circumstances as well as the circumstances of their families. At the same time we are, through our Teacher Academy at our school, working towards developing our future teachers who will be able to go into many different schools and educate our youth for our tomorrow. Our focus at Wetpups is on all of us seeking to find ways to transform our world by finding solutions to the many problems that we face. We believe that this approach and these programmes will assist and go a long way in bridging the huge divide between rich and poor in our world.

Our most important goal remains the provision of educational excellence. To this end our school curriculum continues to evolve to remain real and relevant. It increasingly focuses on developing boys’ creativity, encouraging collaboration, improving communication, enhancing critical thinking, while retaining a strong social conscience. We focus on the boys’ process rather than on just their product so that personal excellence is achieved through the development of a continual-improvement mindset. We believe that the education of the whole child (body, mind,  soul and spirit) is ideally done in small and intimate classes where there is an emphasis on relationships and individual attention. We thus intend to limit individual class sizes to 18 boys.

We also need to improve the functionality of many of our learning spaces. Finally, we aim to enhance the school’s growing strength in the teaching of the creative arts, a process which develops boys’ grit and perseverance, and adds unique and creative skills to our passionate WPPS boys.

At the moment we have two classes of 24 boys in Grades N to 3. Due to our scholarship programme we have 25 boys in each of our two classes in Grades 4 and 5 (one scholarship boy in each class). In Grades 6 and 7 we split into three classes of 20. This means that our scholarship programme is capped at eight boys i.e. two boys in each grade from Grades 4 to 7. If we had three classes of 18 from Grade 3, we could then add six scholarship boys (two in each class) at Grade 4 level, thus extending our scholarship programme to 24 boys.

The WPPS school campus has evolved within a constrained physical area, and on an adhoc basis over more than 100 years. It retains an intimacy and charm which contribute significantly to the atmosphere of teaching and learning. The school’s investment programme received a boost around the 2014 Centenary celebrations, leading to the new Centenary Pavilion, the much improved Aquatic Centre, and the new Getty Learning Centre. Nevertheless, the need for improved and more relevant facilities grows more urgent each year.

Arising from the current strategic planning process and the clearly articulated vision and mission of the school, the school leadership commissioned a full school campus development plan. The culmination of this work is a coherent, all-encompassing spatial framework which specifically addresses the pupil dynamic within the three distinct phases of the school – Pre-Prep, Junior Prep, and Senior Prep. The framework was developed with the expert involvement of a range of teaching specialists, architects well-versed in school design, a landscape architect, as well as incorporating input from the boys themselves. It is intended to form an effective blueprint for all capital allocation decisions and guide the prioritisation of detailed projects in a
coherent, phased, and prudent manner. The plans for the WPPS campus development include the shift from grades of two classes of 24 boys each, to three classes of 18 boys each. In addition, the plan develops essential communal areas including the school hall and related function areas, improves and expands the music and drama facilities and art rooms, creates a flexible, multifunctional and multimedia learning centre, and allows for integrated and improved design and technology teaching.

These envisaged improvements to the infrastructure at WPPS will hugely assist the school in its quest to produce transformed, solutionary leaders of the future who will give back to society in a meaningful manner.


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This document has been compiled so as to communicate our educational thinking in terms of the future of WPPS.