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A wonderful book to celebrate the centenary of WPPS in 2014 has been compiled.

It has a historical section but also includes a great deal of information about the people who have contributed to this remarkable little school and to society in general.

For the past three years we have been contacting as many old boys as we can to ask for their reminiscences and we are very grateful to the many who have responded.

To purchase a copy of the book, the cost of the book is R380, please  buy one at the Newlands Road office or contact our marketing department via email,


Book review

“…a thorough, readable, balanced, honest narrative, with its centre of both gravity and levity so fittingly placed on the people portrayed.”

“ This is a work that will become cornerstone, guide book and benchmark and nourishment for the future of a wonderful and lively educational institution.”

“ A lovely work of art … I like the format particularly, and the obvious enthusiasm of the authors for the subject”.

“It describes and encapsulates so eloquently those lovely years of my life.”

“An outstanding and thrilling publication…… atmosphere of warmth and humour throughout…….a glorious book”.

“I am overcome by the loving, generous and balanced way you have approached all the multiple aspects of the school’s history”.

“Congratulations, and well done on a fantastic publication!”

“He has become totally absorbed and uplifted by your wonderful book.”

“I have had my eyes opened wide to what has been achieved by the school……a fitting tribute to all those who have been remembered in its pages.”

“Perfect in design, wonderfully researched and beautifully structured. The script makes for easy and comfortable reading. A school history to be proud of.”

“….so sensitively, diplomatically and colourfully relating the story around the many people who have passed through this very special school.”

“The school is all about the people who have made it, and you have captured this notion perfectly.”

“All involved in this masterpiece have done a perfect job.”


The cost of the book is R380

R370,10 -UK
R448,60 – USA
R408,00 – AUS

Sea Mail 
R195,80 – UK
R191,00 – USA
R155,90 – AUS

In the event of ordering outside of South Africa, there will be an additional postage cost. If you are ordering  from outside South Africa, please note the additional cost per book as indicated above. Please add this amount when paying into the WPPS account.

EFT payment is required BEFORE books are dispatched.

Bank details are as follows:
FNB Claremont (Sort Code: 200109); Account No: 501 5266 4890; Ref: Surname + CBK.
Please send confirmation by fax (+27 21 762 6120) or email (


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