It was a chance meeting between Trinity Hall Cambridge graduate, Geoffrey Stansbury and Sir Percy Fitzpatrick at a dinner party in 1912 that inspired the young man to visit South Africa. Fitzpatrick had spoken of South Africa as a land of limitless opportunities, and it was not long before Stansbury, armed with £500 and letters of introduction from Fitzpatrick, was on his way. He travelled widely and eventually decided that Cape Town was where he wanted to be. He found Thornton House, a large Victorian property in Kenilworth that was to let. His friend Raymond Hutchinson who shared his ambition to open a prep school soon joined him from England. A letter from the Cape Director of Education in 1913 supported and encouraged their venture.

Western Province Prep School opened its door to 26 pupils on 3rd February 1914, with Stansbury and Hutchinson as joint headmasters. The rector of Christ Church Kenilworth, the Rev Ernest Lasbrey, was appointed chaplain along with three other members of staff and a matron. The boys wore a dark blue blazer and a blue-and-white striped tie, similar to that of Trinity Hall, and a uniform which remains to this day. With the increase in numbers, the school had outgrown Thornton House by 1918, and Mount Royal and an adjacent vacant site in Claremont were purchased for £3 550.

By the late thirties the school could no longer accommodate and support two headmasters and their families. The partnership was dissolved and Hutchinson went on to Port Elizabeth where he founded St George’s’ Prep School.

Geoffrey Stansbury died in 1941 after a long illness, leaving his wife Christine as sole owner. She appointed Windle Saint Hill a staff member, as acting headmaster. In 1946 John Pridmore was appointed headmaster on the understanding that when Mrs Stansbury’s eldest son John completed his studies in England, he would return to take over the headmastership and family business. The young Stansbury took over in 1952, but his lack of experience soon dictated that Pridmore should return as joint headmaster, in 1958.

By 1959 it was evident to Christine Stansbury that the school was no longer financially viable and on the advice of a respected Old Boy and with his assistance she approached St Andrew’s College Grahamstown for support. The resultant association with St Andrew’s enabled WPPS to be registered as a church school, thereby avoiding municipal rates and taxes. Old Boys and parents raised the full amount to buy the school from Christine Stansbury and its future seemed secure. The following year John Stansbury resigned, leaving Pridmore in charge.

The school was by now governed by a sub-committee of St Andrew’s College Council. They appointed Ted Rivett-Carnac from St Andrew’s as head in 1963 and he set about expanding the school, not only in numbers but in facilities. Most of the buildings that we now see surrounding Mount Royal were built by Rivett-Carnac. Grateful parents raised funds to build a new swimming pool, named for him.

Peter Dauncey, then deputy head, stepped in after the sudden death of Rivett-Carnac in 1970 and expanded the school further, by motivating the purchase of the first portion of the Buxton Home property which immediately housed the Sub A and B classes. The acquisition process continued under Dauncey’s successor, Roger Wickens, when the main building was acquired and the Dauncey field created. It was Wickens who introduced the first computers and computer education to the school.

Roland Cooke took over from Wickens in 1987. He oversaw the development of the Buxton property, opening a nursery and reception class, and saw the need for a tunnel to connect the two campuses. He expanded the music department and introduced Design and Technology as a subject.

David Mallett succeeded Cooke in 1997, and further developed the IT and Audio-visual facilities. The chapel was created during his tenure. He played a special role in the development and encouragement of leadership opportunities for the boys.

Pauline Pearce was appointed as interim head after Mallett’s departure at the end of 2003, and led the school for a year until the present head, Michael Hosty took office in 2005.

Hosty led the school towards the celebration of its centenary in 2014, marked by the completion of the Centenary Pavilion, the Aquatic Centre and the planning of the new classroom block on the Eden Rd campus. He initiated a successful student teacher training scheme, and improved the diversity of both staff and pupils.

Gary Skeeles completed his fifteenth year at WPPS as acting head until the appointment of Simon Weaver in 2016.

WPPS Centenary Badge


Early in 2011, we asked our children to depict what the school meant to them. It was an art project from the word go.

We collected over 100 illustrations. Evincing friendship, sport, culture, religion and much more, this badge is a culmination of their work, and we are proud to use this as our symbol for the school’s centenary.

Long may it remind us of the love and learning which the boys receive at Western Province Preparatory School.

Rhodes Scholars


The Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford is one of the most prestigious and sought-after academic awards, not only in Southern Africa where it originated, but in all countries in which it is now offered. It has a particular aura and it seems to be almost taken for granted that anyone who has been privileged enough to receive the award will go on to do great things in life. And indeed many have, not least some of those who spent their early and formative years at WPPS.

1924   Cecil Abbott (Bishops)

           BA in Law from Worcester College

           Director of his family firm, Markhams in Cape Town           


1924   Sir Charles Cumings KBE (Rhodesia)  

            BCL and Jurisprudence from New College

            Chief Justice of Sudan


1928     Lt Col Pieter van der Bijl MC (Bishops)

             MA from Brasenose College

              Blue for cricket and boxing

              Headmaster of Bishops Prep


1931    Dr E Hugh Ashton (Bishops)

            BA in Politics Philosophy and Economics from New College

            Career in Public Administration in Bechuanaland, South Africa and Rhodesia

1932    The Hon Arthur de Villiers (Bishops)

            BA in Law from Magdalen College

            Fruit farmer in Stellenbosch and later in New Zealand


1934    C Patrick Lewis (Rhodesia)

            BCL and Jurisprudence from New College

            Legal practice in Rhodesia


1937    Radford Pilkington- Jordan  (Bishops)

            BA in “Greats” (Classics) from Christ Church

            Law at Trinity College, Dublin.

            Legal career in local government.


1940    Michael May (Rhodesia)

            BA in Modern History from Christ Church

            After war service, MA in Jurisprudence

            Advocate and later QC in Rhodesia


1953    John Gasson CB (Rhodesia)

            BCL and MA from Pembroke College

            Legal practice in London and Rhodesia

            Secretary to the UK Law Commission                      


1953   Julian Ogilvy-Thompson (Bishops)

           MA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Worcester College

           Chairman of Anglo American Corporation


.1954   Dr Robin Plumbridge (St Andrew’s)

         MA from Trinity College

            Blue for rugby

            Chairman of Goldfields of South Africa


1960   Dr Trevor Brown (St Andrew’s)

         BA (Rhodes)

           BA (Hons) in Modern History from Trinity College.

           Professor of Journalism at Indiana State University


WPPS  had to wait another 33 years for its next Rhodes Scholar. Then the floodgates opened – a testament to the quality of teaching by a core group of committed and inspiring teachers at the school.


1993   Robert Wilkinson (Bishops)

        B Bus Sc (UCT)  M Phil in Management Studies from Balliol College

           Established the Butlers chain of pizza outlets in Cape Town


1997   David Eadie (Bishops)

           B Bus Sc in Actuarial Science (UCT)

           BA in Politics,Philosophy and Economics from St Edmund Hall

           Worked with his father in an educational publishing venture

           David died tragically in 2011


2001   Dr Mark Berman (Bishops)

           B Sc in Mathematics, Physics and Biochemistry (UCT)

           M Sc in Molecular and Cell Biology from Merton College followed by

           D Phil in Mathematics

           Lecturer in Mathematics at Ort Braude College in Israel


2003   Dr Mark Abrahamson (South Africa at Large)

         B Bus Sc in Actuarial Science and Masters in Finance (UCT)

           M Phil and later D Phil in Economics from Wadham College


2005   Dr Christopher Haw (Bishops)

           B Sc in Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics (UCT)

           D Phil in Biomedical Engineering from Magdalen College

          Currently (2013) working on the development of solar power stations.


2006   Philip Southey (St Andrew’s)

         B Sc in Physics & Astrophysics (UCT)

           BA (PPE) from Harris Manchester College


2008   Christopher Trisos  (South Africa at Large)

           B Sc in Ecology & Economics (UCT)

           M Sc Integrative Biology from Wolfson College followed by

             D Phil in Zoology .


2009   Simon Franklin (Bishops)  

        Degree in Maths, Economics & Politics (UCT)

           Economics (Hons) UCT

           M Phil in Economics from Magdalen College

             Studying for D Phil.


2011   John Hodges (Bishops)

           B Bus Sc in Management Studies (UCT)

           M Sc in African Studies from St Anne’s College


2013   Christopher Linegar (Bishops)

           BSc (Hons) in Mechatronics (UCT)

           Accepted by New College for D Phil in Engineering Science



2016  W.H.A. Cahill (St Andrew’s College)