5Dr Mark Berman (1984 – 1990) with his new wife Rachel on their wedding day in Jerusalem on 13th November 2012. Mark is a mathematician and musician (as is Rachel), and was the first WPPS recipient of the Music Scholarship to Bishops. After a distinguished academic career at UCT, he was awarded the Bishops Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford and went up to Merton College in 2001. He gained his MSc in Molecular and Cell Biology in 2003, and a DPhil in Mathematics in 2006.

Mark is now a lecturer in m=Mathematics at Ord Braude College of Engineering in Karmiel, and lives in Haifa.



6David Baxter (1989 -1995) married Lana in March in Auckland, New Zealand. He is seen here with father Bill, old boy and Board member from 1989 -1995, and mum Gill. David’s grandfather, also David, was a member of the first Board of Governors from 1959 -1986 and chairman from 1962-1972.




7Ryan Powter (1991-1997) married Tanielle Knipe on 13 April 2013. They were married in the old St Stephens Church in Cape Town, followed by a beautiful reception at Bon Amis in the Durbanville Hills winelands. The day was marked by love, friendship, great weather and dancing! Friend from Grade 1, Ryan MacWilliam, flew in from Harvard (in between exams!) to be Ryan’s best man.





Simon Sandler (1983 – 1989) married Susan Walland in Port Elizabeth on the 15 December 2012. Simon is currently working as a Neurosurgeon in Adelaide, Australia.  He has finished a Fellowship in Spinal Surgery at the Royal Adelaide and is now doing one in Neurosurgery at Flinders in Adelaide.


8The marriage of Justin Von Bonde (1998-2000) and Frances Glyn Owen took place on Friday, 22 February 2013 at Christ Church, Constantia.  The couple have settled in Constantia.



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