Future Teachers Academy


The unique interactions between boys and teachers at WPPS, alongside our beliefs, internal culture, history, and traditions, have nurtured an ideal environment for the creation of leaders. We feel it is our obligation to transfer these skills to passionate young teachers, who will themselves facilitate definitive changes in young leaders across our country.

The school’s existing skills transfer programme for teachers has had incredible success over recent years, and in our centenary year we aim to gear up all aspects of this programme:-

  • With a focus on English, Science and Mathematics skills, we envisage our programme transferring knowledge to schools across the province. The correct profiling, focus and resourcing of the program will dramatically enhance the impact we can sustain through talented, energetic and motivated young people.
  • Currently eight full-time students are employed by WPPS, while studying teaching through UNISA. These young individuals have full access to all WPPS resources, including accommodation, academic support and mentoring, as well as hands-on practical experience.
  • Students are completely absorbed into the school community, and assist with sporting and cultural activities throughout the year.

Additionally, many serve as mentors for the boys, with a focus on the nurturing of bursary recipients where appropriate.

The Teachers’ Training Academy has invigorated and galvanised the school, and become a central pillar in our community efforts. We hope to use our Centenary to consolidate our efforts and to build a special South African success story.