Scholarship Fund


The WPPS Scholarship Fund is an opportunity to mould our society’s future leaders, by providing opportunities for excellence to boys of diverse backgrounds who would otherwise not be able to afford the WPPS experience and learning opportunities that we offer to our boys. Through the establishment of the fund, we can generate a reliable ongoing source of income.

WPPS strongly acknowledges the importance of diverse leaders within our society. It is critical for young men to understand, tolerate and work in unity with people of different backgrounds. Our bursary campaign aims to develop such young men by rewarding talent, nurturing diversity and ensuring sustainability.

The Fund Charter seeks to:

  • Identify, and offer bursaries to, a variety of deserving students who, through their potential, skills and attitude, can contribute positively to the school environment.
  • Enrich and develop a diverse culture by including such candidates.
  • Mentor and develop the bursary students and acquaint them with the vast opportunities on offer at WPPS.
  • Continue the development of these boys as future leaders and positive contributors to society, by providing an introduction and opportunity to continue at leading high schools.
  • Develop a specific scholarship fund capable of funding deserving bursary boys, through a reliable ongoing source of income.