Scholarship Fund


Every year Western Province Preparatory School (WPPS) invites scholarship applications from boys entering Grade 4. WPPS believes that there is no better tool than education to create opportunities and experiences for young boys to unlock their true leadership potential. Preference is given to applications from financially disadvantaged backgrounds.

Through this programme, WPPS seeks to:
  • Select and offer scholarships to boys from financially disadvantaged backgrounds who can contribute positively to the         school environment and the country at large after school through their potential, skills, and attitude.
  • Enrich and develop our school culture.
  • Mentor and continue the development of these boys as future leaders and positive contributors to society.
  • Facilitate their journey and transition to leading high schools.
  • Champion betterment in the lives of everyone.

Initially, the School established the WPPS Scholarship Programme to offer talented athletes an opportunity to showcase and hone their talent while at the school. Our more recent approach targets the enhancement of academic, sporting, and cultural skills with diversity and inclusion in mind. It focuses our attention on all areas of the participant’s life. In addition, a process is created to assist our boys with their social, emotional, and personal development.

Through this process, we wish to create opportunities for boys with the potential to excel on the playing field and to develop well-rounded individuals who will become significant leaders and contributors to society.

With the establishment of the WPPS Scholarship Fund, we can generate a reliable ongoing source of income.

Applications normally open in the month of July and close in mid-August. These scholarships are made possible through funds raised from The WPPS Scholarship Fund.

Our goal is to raise R3,000000, and with your help and partnership, we can make this goal a reality. Every rand raised makes an impact.

Please donate and help us to realise our goal of educating these young boys.

The application criteria for this scholarship are as follows:   
  • Strong academic record with the potential to excel
  • Actively involved in sports and cultural activities
  • Demonstrates leadership qualities
  • Entering Grade 4 in the upcoming academic year

The process begins with an invitation to parents to reply to the advert via our admissions department. Applications are categorised, and the top 15 come in for a morning to participate in academic, sport, and cultural activities. Five boys, and their parents, are shortlisted for an interview with the scholarship coordinator and the Headmaster. We offer places to only two boys each year. The Head of Barlow House champions a mentoring process for the boys and their families. This mentoring process helps them navigate their first year at WPPS and beyond. The Grade 4 Class Reps must connect with the families before they begin the academic year. The Class Rep plays a pivotal role in facilitating their inclusion and belonging. Our scholarship program, while small, makes a tremendous difference in the lives of those boys who pass through it. But, most importantly, their time and experiences at WPPS add richness and value to the lives of all with whom they interact.