School Development


We live in an exciting phase of the school’s history and would like to share our thoughts, ideas and aspirations with you. This document has been compiled to communicate our educational thinking with regard to the future of WPPS.

Western Province Prep School has a proud record of educating leaders for the future. From the school’s modest facilities and humble origins, many of our Old Boys have used their WPPS foundation to become leaders in many different fields of endeavour, making a significant impact in their areas of expertise, and on the social and moral fabric of our country.

In the last few years, the school community and its Leadership Team have continued to refine the WPPS vision and purpose, and re-dedicated the school to building on its legacy and its strong traditional values.


Please click on the button below to view the PDF on School Development and see comprehensive details on our Future Development.
This document has been compiled so as to communicate our educational thinking in terms of the future of WPPS.