Vision and Mission Renewed


After much debate, and with the help and collaboration of the boys, staff and parents, we have a new vision and mission for WPPS.

Our Vision

We awaken potential, empower, and inspire every boy to become a solutionary for our tomorrow.

Our Mission

WPPS is a leading independent Anglican school for boys, committed to all-round educational excellence within an innovative learning environment. By embracing diversity and providing a dynamic, balanced and holistic curriculum, we:

  • instill our core values
  • ignite curiosity and creativity
  • encourage critical thinking and resourcefulness
  • develop character and grit
  • nurture community, participation, and teamwork
  • foster service and transformational leadership
  • celebrate life and learning

Our Core Values

Respect                 Showing respect for God, oneself, others and our environment

Integrity                  Acting with honesty and fairness

Compassion           Having empathy and caring for our community

Courage                 Bravely standing up for the truth and what is right

Humility                  Thinking of oneself less and of others more

Accountability        Taking responsibility for one’s actions and choices

We hope you will agree that this is a great vision for the future of WPPS. It speaks to the need of preparing our boys for our ever-changing and challenging world.