Alumni Visits

Darren Smith (2006), inspired the Grades 6 and 7 boys about entrepreneurship and how anything is possible. Good luck with your new business, Darren!

Tom Chevallier (2003) – Business owner of Plant the Seed Education, @planttheseededu – has visited us several times this year. He spent time with our Eco committee and also spoke to the Grades 3 to 7 boys about what it means to be a solutionary. He spoke passionately about how each one of us can make a difference.

Tom and his brother Samuel Chevallier (2003), and Alistair Daynes (2003), also visited WPPS earlier this year. They were testing Virtual Reality education and 360 videos, which will enhance the learning experience in the classroom!

Peter Ferguson (1972) – from Canada – visited with his wife.

Philip Hinton Lever – the well-known Australian actor shared his love of acting with the boys. He was originally inspired while acting on stage at WPPS.


Brian Johnson – from USA – joined his friend Philip Hinton and inspired the Grades 6 and 7 boys with stories of their days at WPPS and their love of the English language, a love which was instilled in them during their WPPS days.

Christopher Hart – Orms Camera Repairs Specialist – had his first visit back to WPPS since he left.

WPPS friendships are forever! Guy Gardner, Eric Dane, Rick Jenkinson and David Fairfax invited us to hear their stories of boarding life in the late 1950s. This wonderful group of friends meet up every couple of years, from all corners of the world.

Hilary Lown – we hosted an 80th birthday celebration in the Centenary Pavilion. Many past staff attended. It was lovely to have them all back at school.

Greg Bertish launched our annual readathon and inspired the boys to make a difference. Greg recently launched his book, The Little Optimist. The proceeds of the book all go back to children’s charities – a wonderful initiative.

Peter Steyn – spoke about his memories at WPPS and his book, The Kingdom of Daylight: Memories of a Birdwatcher.

Kyle Deans (2014 leaver) came and spoke to the Grade 7s about his experience at high school. He shared valuable advice, particularly about the importance of time management – which he said he learnt so well at WPPS.